Anne-Claire Gambet aka Gambette is an artist,  graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor and designer. She works and lives in Paris. Her work is based on vibrant patterns and lush color palet, that she brings to life on paper, wood or glass surfaces…From the interactive to the tangible, she poses her cosmic inspirations wherever she feels it will be joyful and playful.

Clients list

Hotel Costes - Chanel - Dyptique - Printemps Haussmann - Cartier - Dior - Yves Saint Laurent - Grazia - Colette - The Nail Spa (Dubai) - Rayban - Kure Bazaar - Nailmatic - Happy Shop (Berlin) - Dailymotion - Who's Next Paris - Delphine Delafon - Here We Can - alfa.K - SolAsylum - Mairie de Paris - Sundae - Atelier Ismérie...


instagram : @gambette